Zenhaven Mattresses Review

I had no plans of buying any mattress but the name Zenhaven mattress attracted me from across the store. I will never regret the decision to come and check which culminated into an impulse purchase. Unlike other brands, this brand doesn’t discolor on exposure to the elements. The color stays put all the time. If you have never realized, discolored bedding and furniture will make your bedroom or even entire house appear old or packed with old stuff, which is not stylish at all. Discoursed things bring embarrassments and I try to avoid that at all costs.

The Zenhaven mattress has one of a type quality and that is the eco-friendly feature. It is made from latex and other plant derived materials which doesn’t degrade the ozone. In my world, I believe everyone has the obligation to care for the environment and to me, getting the Zenhaven mattress was the first step I took towards environmental conservation. I believe my part has been well played. This environmentally conscious mattress further more ensures my most required rest by offering me good breathability since the cells are well conditioned for air flow, balancing the heat and the warmth all through the night.

My precious mattress doesn’t let me down in terms of performing its duties in giving me the comfort and best sleep. This is because the quality has not been compromisingd to balance the economic aspects related with the manufacturing industry. I love the density, texture and the cover cloth material, tough enough; soft and not very slippery.

Since I bought this mattress, I said goodbye to stuffiness in my room. Stuffiness is always caused by the hold down of stale air inside the mattress, incomplete drying in case of water spillage that will eventually lead to the growth of mold. The hold down of stale air is always brought about by closed up of the structure cells of the mattress leading to slow flow of air through the structure of the mattress. For a flexible form, these cells must be opened completely to allow free flow of air, but this in most cases lead to low strength of the foam so the manufactures must be very keen in the formulation. Since the zenhaven mattress has no issues of stuffiness, it means the manufactures were upto the task.

The zenhaven mattress is easy to dry eliminating any chance of mold growth thus I never have the worries on stuffiness in my bedroom. Putting in consideration these feature, the zenhaven scores the highest among the mattresses I have used in terms of quality.

To me this is the luxury I was missing earlier own but thanks to the zenhaven mattress, I can now enjoy all the things I was missing.  The mattres has improved the appeal of my bedroom, most of my pears come over visiting and every time they have to peep in to my bedroom, at times I think its kinder creepy but coming to think of it, I all caused all these when I bought the Zenhaven mattress.