Tuft & needle company mattress review

T&N adaptive foam
Have you ever thought of sleeping on a bare floor, or a hide of skin like our ancestors used to, or let’s say a sack packed with waste cloth. That can be the most uncomfortable night that you will never want to have. I tried that one day I went hiking with my friends. After the experience I rushed straight to the store and had my self-comfortable T&N adaptive foam from the Tuft and needle company.

I never regret my decision, and I still feel it is the best decision I ever made for my bedroom.

My night time is the most exiting experience in my life; I have to sleep deeply every night without interruptions, heat wicking, neck pains and breathing problems.
I believe the T&N adaptive mattress is one of the best qualities of flexible foams that I have ever met; it doesn’t sink at all when in action. This is a quality attributed to its rigid pore structures that are strong and closely packed to enhance the necessary strength to support your body weight all through the night and ages. This gives the mattress a name I personally forged for; THE PERFECT DREAM COMPANION. I personally detest sinking mattresses, they give me an achy back and neck and as per my doctor, that isn’t healthy at all. These rigid structures constitute a layer that maintains the shape of the mattress giving it longer life span in comparison with other mattresses.

My comfy T&N adaptive mattress most definitely received its adaptive name from the fact that this mattress has no heat buildup giving the user a sweaty night during the hot season. On other hand, it doesn’t keep you freezing in winter making it more superior to the mattress. After using the product for like 2 years, I got very curios and called customer care to congratulate them on their wonderful work and further more demand explanation for these unique feature. The answer I received was that this mattress is formulated with uniform pore structure that enables free flow of air leading to heat distribution during the hot night. On cold nights, the movement of air is limited due to the high density of air thus limiting heat loss and keeping me warm.

On my tour to the store, I realized that these T&N adaptive mattresses came in different sizes. This makes it compatible to different sizes of beds and even bed design. My favorite bed design is the box bed 5X6 since the bed is low enough and comes with a rigid plywood base that sets the perfect bed base that I desire. This doesn’t mean that other beds aren’t perfect for the T&N adaptive mattress, spring beds, plain wood bar bed base or even metallic bed bases are still perfect for anyone and the Tuft and Needle Company has ensured that their product adapts to all these contours.

I love my mattress, for you, my advice is: don’t waste your time brainstorming, go get yourself a T&N adaptive mattress.