Lull Mattresses Review

Nothing makes up my day like a great customer care service conducted by a person who doesn’t get irritated with the numerous questions asked by arrogant and ignorant customers. This was my pole reason for purchasing the lull mattress foam. I had no knowledge about lull mattress; the customer care lady introduced it to me professionally explaining every detail until at point I had to think she was flirting with me. But that was the professional bit, well trained in her profession and great delivery.

There is absolutely zero risk in using the lull mattress in that you are given an amazing offer with one hundred day warrant that is a confirmation of the quality. Poor quality products will have minimum to zero chance of warrant. In other words, warrants are assurance of quality products. Given that I was offered an unreasonable warrant, I was confident from the word go that the lull mattress was a sure product that could never fail me at any point.

Before lull mattress, I had never used memory foam; my first night was filled with anxiety since I never thought It might be exactly what the customer care lady had assured me. Memory foam is the real deal, the relaxation is just out this planet, you sleep soundly, and the alarm ring and you subconsciously snooze the alarm over and over until you see sunrays through the curtain. You will be late on the first day, second until you get used to it.

The memory layers will give you a cooling effect you never experience ever. This is so due to the complex chemistry involved in the manufacturing of the mattress allowing free flow of air in between the layers carries away the accumulating heat and letting in cooler streams rendering a cooling effect to your skin.

The layers have enough strength to support your body weight and still soft enough to give your skin a sift feel that doesn’t lead to back etches and body fatigue while sleeping. Your backbone is held in place with the mattress following the body curve gracefully massaging where necessary relieving your muscle of the stresses that have accumulated over the days relaxing your body to the fullest.

 Lull mattress is also durable; the layers have been made with a considerable density that gives the struts in the structure of the mattress great strength to support the mattress over longer periods. The mattress doesn’t discolor with time and best of all, there is no emission of dust and fumes associated with other foams. Technically, the lull mattress is an ecofriendly type of mattress having been, made from non-degrading ozone materials. I treasure my lull mattress because of one thing, before, I used to frequent buy mattresses that couldn’t last long, over short periods, they discolored and became dusty which was not healthy to my lungs getting my room dusty and stuffy. Now I have the best deal, I sleep sound and I am proud of it.