Endy Mattresses Review

There is nothing good than having a very soft mattress to rest on after a tire someday. I had that problem of waking up with pains in my neck and back until I discovered the wonderful Endy mattress. The name itself I find it kinder trendy and matching its awesomeness. Now I don’t have to wake up every morning tired and fatigued like I used to. The Endy mattress offers me the comfort I was missing, no sneezing due to dust that accumulate in the mattress over time due to the degradation of the sponge and itchiness associated with the other low quality foam.

The Endy matytress is made up of three layers that guarantee comfort. These layers are clean offering fresh feel on the user. The layers are composed of memory foams that are ecofriendly and having an infusion of a gel that ensures coolness all through the night. One thing that I appreciate about the foam is the support offered on the base that keeps my spine in position reducing the risks of injuring my back while turning and rolling. I have been using the Endy mattress for two years now and I have not yet seen a grain of dust caused by the degradation of the foam. The firmness in this mattress is one of a kind that needs reckoning.

I am asthmatic and breathing at time is an issue, but since I bought this mattress, I have an improved health. The mattress is clean offering me the gift to excellent breathing. The layers have been conditioned to allow free air flow keeping the air fresh and flowing. These do not compromise on the warmth as the mattress keeps me warm all through the night. With an excellent interior design, I have my room resembling a five star hotel. The Endy foam blends in perfect with my color theme improving the appeal of my room. I love how the mattress is precise on dimension fitting perfectly on the bed and stretching with perfect tensions over my bed.

The other month I had to shift from one corner the estate to the other end since the house I used to live in had to undergo some repair and painting. Relocating is always a hustle that many people would love to avoid at any cost, it was easy, this mattress easily fits back into its original packaging making it easy to ferry fro0m place to place, and on unpacking, the Endy mattress returns back to its original shape. The endy mattress the best type of mattress for people who have job transfers more often like the police and teachers.

Try putting a piece of Endy mattress on fire and see the magic. The mattress has been made with a unique piece of ingenuity that enables the mattress to self-extinguish when on fire. This makes it the safest mattress to have in your home. I am very confident on my safety. Endy mattress is the best deal of century.