If you feel a little groggy in the morning or maybe, you have tossed and turned a lot at night, then, know this that it’ time to replace that age-old and tired mattress.

But, before you decide to buy a mattress, there are a few top rated Mattress compared –

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  • Choosing the perfect size – No matter what the brand of the mattresses is, they are known to come in six sizes. 

The sizes of the mattresses are –

  • Twin, measuring 38 x 75″
  • Twin XL, measuring 38 x 80″
  • Full, measuring 54 x 75″
  • Queen, measuring 60 x 80
  • California King, measuring 72 x 84″
  • King, measuring 76 x 80″

If you are tall, then, it’s best that you should go for the Twin XL and the California King as you will appreciate the extra length of both of these mattresses. If you are sharing a bed, then a Queen, King or California King will be the best to suit you. Keep in mind that, though a Queen mattress won’t take up much space on the floor as compared to a full mattress, the extra inches will make a huge difference in comfort when two people are sharing the mattress.

  • Choosing the level of comfort – Where do you prefer to sleep? Is your mattress a soft, super-soft or a firm one? Do note that even if two mattress ends up with the same kind of innerspring coil system, each one will feel different to you. That is because of the layers of padding above the coils. Not only should your mattress be comfortable and supportive, but it should also contour to the shape of your body along with keeping your spine and neck in neutral alignment.

The mattress which is firm are known to have a thin and stiff layers of foam on the top and are the perfect companion for those people who likes to sleep on their stomachs. The mattresses which have an added extra layer of soft padding and are best suited for those individuals who like to sleep on their back or frequently change positions during the night.

No matter what type of mattress you want to buy, it is up to you as to which one you want to, based on your needs and tastes.

  • It’s what inside that matters – Even though it can be difficult to compare mattress as each manufacturer are known to use different terminology and hence, it’s recommended that you should look out for the following –
  • Coil system – They are innerspring coils and which when wrapped individually are known to give support as well as eliminate the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. If you are looking for an everyday mattress, then it’s suggested that you should look for a mattress which has a coil count of above 420. And if you are thinking of buying a mattress for your guest room that is rarely used, then a mattress with 420 coil-count is efficient.

But yes, there’s one more thing; you can’t judge a mattress by simply coil count as the design of the coil system along with the amount, and the gauge is also vital and needs to be considered. Keep in mind that a low gauge means that the coil is thick and so, it may contain few coils than a mattress which have a high gauge with thinner coils.

  • Memory foam – If you suffer from backaches or joint pain, then the mattresses that are made with memory foam are best suited for you. They not only contours to the shape of the body but they are also known to return to the original shape after the sleeper gets out of the mattresses.
  • Transfer of motion – If by any chance, you are a light sleeper and you don’t want your mattress to shift when either you or your partner gets out of the bed, then, it is suggested that you should look for such a mattress which have the feature of motion transfer.
  • Support of the edge – If you toss and turn a lot while sleeping or maybe your partner is prone to that, then, it is advised that you should look for such a mattress which will have the feature of edge support that will help you from falling out of the bed.
  • Protecting the warranty – You very well know that you can’t remove a tag under the penalty of law? Even if you do remove it, the police won’t come to arrest you, but yes, you may very well void the warranty of your mattress. Keep in mind that that the tag is the proof of a purchase that is required by most manufacturers for a warranty claim. 

Do note that stains can also void your warranty so, it’s best that you should cover your new mattress with a mattress protector before adding new sheets.

If you are planning to buy a mattress online, then, it is recommended that you should buy one from a respected manufacturer. Even if you want to shop in a retail store, it is suggested that you should try it out with your partner and after you have narrowed down to your two choices of mattresses, it is recommended that you should lie down for five minutes on and then on the second one to see which one feels comfortable to you.

After that, rest easy knowing that you have found the perfect mattress for you after having to do all the necessary homework.